Crystal Clear Pathway to Your Goals by Michelle Hanton

Crystal Clear Pathway to Your Goals

2020 has been a topsy-turvy year; uncertainty has led to fear and overwhelm causing havoc on so many levels.

Imagine if you had your own guiding star -
a star that you could look at to help you stay on track when overwhelming fear and inertia strikes.

No more confusion & overwhelm.

Confidence. Clarity. Direction. A reason to feel positive as you get out of bed every morning.

You. In control of your life. Not your work, your family or your business controlling what you do.

Sounds good right?

It's all about harnessing and taking control of what you can and letting go of what is no longer important.

But often, it is impossible to see the way ahead.

You get so swamped and overwhelmed with putting one foot in front of the other each, business, life!

It can feel like being a rat on a treadmill. I know! Been there and done that.

BUT...I also know, from personal experience, that it is possible to get off that treadmill. 

You can take control. Get yourself in the driver's seat.

It's all possible with a personalised crystal clear map.

A map to show you where you are going.

It's called a Strategic Plan.
A plan you create.

I use this same system myself and it's helped me achieve success at the personal and professional level.

Listen to the podcast here to learn HOW I use this in my own life.

Give yourself the gift of taking control of your own future with crystal clear clarity by joining The Crystal Clear Pathway to Your Goals workshop.

It runs over 4 weeks (25th Nov - 16th Dec).

Imagine stepping into 2021 feeling empowered, confident, in control. 

No more feeling out of control and overwhelmed. 

You deserve it. You are worth control the power over your own life.

When you enrol, I become your guide to helping you unlocking what is within you

You will learn

How to unlock your personal goal getting formula.

  • What might be holding you back
  • How to clearly identify your goals
  • The steps you'll need to take to achieve them
  • Create your strategic plan that becomes your map, guiding star and compass.

The modules are backed up with a Zoom group session each week.

You also have direct access to ask questions via email. A 24 hour response time is promised.

Outline of Pathway You Will Take

Week 1

Getting to grips with WHY & HOW strategic planning works.

This includes exploring where you are right now and taking a base line that you are moving forward from.

Week 2

Delving deep into:
- Where you want to be
- Why you want to be there

Week 3

Creating your plan:
- Resources
- Knowledge 
- Finance

Week 4

Bringing it all together
- Alignment
- Tracking Progress 

Results you can expect

"It gives you clarity on every aspect of your business, not just client service delivery or product development and delivery, whatever the focus of your business is, you look at every area of your business.

Don't hesitate, reach out to Michelle find out when her next strategic planning workshop is and sign up for it. You won't regret it. In fact, you'll love it.
Linda Emslie


How much time do I need to allow each week to do this?

You should block out 2 – 3 hours per week.

This will allow you sufficient time:
-  listen to the weekly recording
- digest the information 
- do the work that is needed for your own particular situation

What if I have questions that need answering?

There is a live Q&A on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday via Zoom at 7am AEST.

Questions can be submitted in advance if you cannot attend live.

The session is recorded for anyone who cannot tune in. 

Do I have direct access to Michelle?

Yes, absolutely!

You have direct access via email at anytime. 

Response is guaranteed to be within 24 hours - usually sooner but we do have to take into account different time zones.

What if I am still confused at the end of the 4 weeks?

Provided you do the exercises and fill in your workbook (supplied) you will be eligible to receive:

-  a 1:1 follow up session with Michelle via Zoom 
- assistance to complete your own plan that will be your guiding star.


Michelle is an amazing facilitator. She gave us so much insight and knowledge and was so generous with her time, always ensuring our questions were answered and that we didn't leave still needing more. 
Michelle's teaching methods are superb; she is gentle, careful, and quietly insistent that we *can make changes, that we *can do the hard hard yards and that we *can improve. And we did. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 
Berry Beresford
I've been working with Michelle for years, on many different projects. She always provides superb services, pays attention to every small detail, and answers all my questions. 

Her strategy guidance has helped me to build start my business, as well as grow my self-confidence. I couldn't be where I am today without her help.
Agnes Molnar
Michelle is an all too rare beast in the industry, in that she genuinely cares about projects she takes on and the people she works for and with. In addition to delivering work from a knowledgable and experienced perspective, Michelle adds a touch of passion and lateral thinking.
Kel Watt
Michelle provided clear and helpful information, she was empathetic with regards to where I found myself and provided terrific support. I had a clearer picture of the future than I thought and that was worth its weight in gold.
Meghan Williams
You are so knowledgable and of course with so many years in business and helping others. Thank you for your wonderful encouragement, advice and instructions!
Sue Smith
Michelle Hanton is a professional and a perfectionist in developing business planning and strategies. Her work is client base driven for your business or community organisation.
Kathryn Sankey
I'm really grateful that I did this strategic planning workshop in December last year. That just positioned me perfectly to move into 2020 when everything just went up in the air, and we had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Having a strategic plan in place, helped me make really clear decisions about
 Okay, what's moving me forward towards my goal, what's not, which are the areas that are my most major income producing areas?

Which things can I put on hold until I get through this area of uncertainty? And has this particular area dried up completely?
Do I need to actually pivot and turn my business attention elsewhere.

Having a plan in place really helped me make clear decisions.
Linda Emslie